Thursday, April 12, 2012

Its Thursday!!!

Well, today was a pretty interesting day. I wont go into detail but I would like to say that people who have grudges against other people need NOT take that grudge out on other people's children that have nothing to do with the issue. Also, if you dont know how to do your very important job that affects other peoples lives, please choose something else to do for a living. I spent a good portion of my morning fixing the many errors that someone else made because of either their "beef" that they have with someone else or they ar just plain not cut out to do their job.

On another note, I had a great lunch with my husband, sister, mom, and her daycare babies. We met up on accident which is always fun. We chatted and caught up a little while each of us kept a steady eye on the little ones that were playing. After lunch I came home and did some housework before I went to get the little one from school. We worked on some papers that needed to be finished and then headed off to an appointment. While one of my little ones was in his appointment, I took the other two to the animal shelter and we played with the animals there. We found the cutest little cat that wanted to come home with us but since we have two cats already, we opted to leave it there. I dont remember his name but he was the cutest little cat.
After we played with the cats we went to see the dogs. I was then that my son asked "The Questions". He looked me in the eye and said, "Mom, what does sterilized mean?" Crap!!! He isnt supposed to ask me these questions. I promptly took him to the lady at the counter and asked her to help me explain what sterilized means. She did a great job explaining it to him. She said that it is when pets have a surgery so that they can make or produce baby pets. THAT was a bullet dodged.  After that episode we went back in to see the rest of the dogs. As always they were all cute and cuddly and I wanted to take them all home.
I want to post some photos on here of some dogs that are waiting to be claimed by their owners. If they are not claimed by the 16th, they will be put up for adoption so if these are you doggies please go claim them.

I am happy to say that the douch bag that shot and killed Trayvon Martin had his first court hearing today. The trial lasted two minutes and 20 seconds. I cant believe he is planning on pleading Not Guilty!! What a coward!! George Zimmermon is set to have his second court hearing and arraignment is set for May 29th and I hope they nail him to the wall.
Here is tonights pun on gas prices. I like this one because most people can relate to this one. I have to fill the gas tank on the Suburban tomorrow because we have to go out of town tomorrow evening, not looking forward to that. Although I have to say that at least here in Wyoming (in my town), gas prices hae stayed pretty steady. Havent gone up and havent gone down.
Here is a blast from the past. Check out this video from back when I started doing YouTube videos.

Thats it folks. I hope you all have a great day tomorrow. Dont forget to bundle up if you are going out, it is going to be cold this weekend.

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