Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What an interesting day....

Happy Wednesday everyone.
Today was an intesting day to say the least. I decided that I was going to get all of my chorse done but take my time to do them. Then I decided that I was going to make something nice for dinner so after lunch I went up to the store and got what I needed to do that. As I was loading my purchases into the car I got a phone call from the nurse at my kids' school. From what I could understand she told me that my son had put a piece of glass up his nose and needed to go to the doctor to get it taken out. She said that he had been having a bloody nose and his ears were hurting which could be a result of the glass being in his sinuses.  So, I booked it up to the school and when I got there she giggled and said that she said "grass" NOT "glass".  Really?? Grass??
Just to be on the safe side I called the doctor and they said that they couldnt get him in today. Urgent Care was just as busy so we had no other choice but to go to the emergency room to have the grass removed. After a 2 1/2 hour wait in the waiting room, we finally went back and sat in a room waiting for the doctor for another half an hour. When the doctor finally got around to us he checked and checked and checked my sons nose for this piece of GRASS that was lodged up his nose. He asked my son why he thinks that he has a piece of glass up his nose and my son told him that he was rolling around on the ground and thinks that a piece got up there and is now cutting the inside of his nose........ Here is were it gets good. The doctor was poking around in my sons nose but couldnt find the piece of grass that was up there. He searched and searched with no results. As he was searching my son made a noise and said "there, its right there where you are poking at, I can feel it". The doctor let out a giggle and said ask if my son could feel what he was poking at. My son said yes and that he was poking at the piece of grass that was stuck up there. The doctor had to stop because he was laughing to much. When he gathered his composure he told my son that what he was feeling was a hard booger that was stuck to his nose hair. When my son was trying to pull it out he was pulling nose hair and that is why it felt like it was poking the inside of his nose. Well all lost it, bursted out in laughter. The doctor put some salt water on a swab and worked the booger out of my sons nose. We spent a total of four hours in the emergency room so that the doctor could pick my sons booger.
That is how my interesting day went today. I hope you all had an interesting day as well.
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Thats it everyone! I hope you all have a great night. "See" you in the next blog!!!

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